Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day #3: Part 3 "The Wonder of Nature- Jeju Island"

Enjoy my whole amazing tour by start reading from the first post below- Day #0: Before Reaching Korea.

Day #3: PyeongChang ➝ Jeju Island

Place visited previously on Day #3: Alpensia Resort- Alpine Coaster

Alpine Coaster was really awesome, and it made us happy when we hear the word "lunch". Lol. Therefore we headed to have our lunch.

They provided a very special rice called Deodeokbap. Deodeokbap- a rice mixed with deodeok, it's abit brownish and smells very good. Do you still remember Deodeok which I mentioned before? To make it easier to understand, Ricky told me it's Ginseng's brother.

As you can see from the picture above, Korean foods has lots of side dishes, trust me it was A LOT and they're coming non-stop. Erry and I couldn't even find a place to put our cups, ended up placed in on the floor. Koreans are so blessed to have culture like this, because..I eat a lot. *cough*

The Bulgogi was sooo juicy! I love Bulgogi even more after this trip, I ate lots of Bulgogi throughout the tour.
Ohhh I'm hungry now.

This is our favourite deodeok side dish, we named it Twisties. It looks exactly like Twisties isn't it? Kkk..

After lunch, we moved to Gimpo Airport, and guess where we're going? Another well-known place of Korea- Jeju Island!

And here's the place we witnessed how Ricky being surrounded by crowd, we couldn't do anything but stand there watching how the crews handle it. It was like fans chasing after Hallyu Star, screaming all the way. That was the very first time for me to watch and did nothing while the crowd chasing after celebrity, because normally I will act like them. LOL yea, I'm a typical K-pop fan.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun Tour Family- Special Moments With Special Ones

I wanted to post about this 1 month ago, but I'm currently working and have only midnight time to update my blog so I chose to update about the schedule first. Then, Erry reminded me that I should do this before forget anything, we have too many memories together. 1 whole month was spent to complete this long post. It's very long but it shows my sincerity. ><

I put this post in one of the tabs above to keep this on top all the time. Easier for myself and readers to view it. Here's the short and simple introduction post I previously did about Fun Team Family.

Through this 7 days, I had different special memories with all of them, including my team members and crews, just everyone. One of my biggest gain from this tour is I made lots of friends. They were my companions, friends and family at the same time. Every single of them left beautiful memories in part of my life, here it is, The Fun Tour Family!
*note: all the conversations in this post might not be the exact words but the content is the same

I'll start with my precious Fun Team members.

Wouldn't be FUN without any of you

The Girls
Me ; Erry ; Tiphany
We are 3 girls from different countries, which is me myself from Malaysia, Erry from Indonesia and Tiphany from France. Tiphany and I are closer in age, while Erry...Hahaha.

However, 3 of us have different personalities. Erry is always worry for every activity we took, she has to make sure everything is safe before trying it, that's why she always say her favourite line in the tour- "Is this safe? Are you sure?". For me, it's kinda opposite of Erry, I'm excited of every activities, I love exciting and stimulating activities. But the problem is, they can't see my excitement from my facial expressions, I didn't know I didn't show it on my face, I relaxed my face muscles too much, sorry guys. >_< Tiphany is an active girl, she's the youngest among us but she's one of the most active member. Even she's the maknae (youngest person), she has to take care of Erry, which is elder than both of us.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Day #3: Part 2 "Asian Superstars on Alpine Coaster!"

Enjoy my whole amazing tour by start reading from the first post below- Day #0: Before Reaching Korea.

Day #3: Pyeongchang ➝ Jeju Island

Places visited previously on Day #3: Alpensia Ski- location for 2018 Winter Olympic

We headed back to Alpensia Resort after that, which is somewhere right beside our hotel previous night.

Moving with the crews
Just take pictures of everything

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day #3: Part 1 "Amazy Excity Freezy Alpensia Resort"

Enjoy my whole amazing tour by start reading from the first post below- Day #0: Before Reaching Korea.

Day #3: Pyeongchang ➝ Jeju Island

Room phone rang at 6.30am, that was the hotel morning call. Oh, I forgot to talk about this. Erry and I had a habit of asking the front desk to give us a morning call in every hotel we went, we don't want to be late. This is how Erry and I arrange our time; 1 hour for bath and packing luggage, 1 hour for breakfast, that's why we have to wake up 2 hours early.

Normally Erry will say, "knock my room door then we go down together". I wanted to ask her for so long, Erry, we have a door bell, why must we KNOCK each others' doors? Tiphany was wondering the same thing too Erry, every time you will ask us to knock your door instead of pressing the door bell. Or is that the secret code between us? So you won't answer the people who ring the bell? Kkkk...

View from my room
LOOK-AT-THIS! How can you not feel happy to see this scenery right after you woke up? I couldn't see that clearly previous night, so when I first saw this in the morning, it dramatically turned my mood on. I can't help but took pictures of it.

Gorgeous view, refreshing air, exciting schedule behind, I started my day with a super happy mood!

After getting everything ready, I went down for breakfast.
Breakfast in Alpensia Resort

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day #2: Part 2 "Fun Monks at Woljeongsa"

Enjoy my whole amazing tour by start reading from the first post below- Day #0: Before Reaching Korea.

Day #2: Seoul ➝ Icheon ➝ Pyeongchang

After having the royal meal- Icheon rice, we headed to Pyeongchang for the temple stay program in Woljeongsa.

The scenery there was really beautiful, the air was fresh, the lake was clear, the green trees harmonized the color of Woljeongsa. It made me stopped for awhile, closed my eyes to feel the breathtaking atmosphere.

Ricky's camwhore talent
Just like the name, we're Fun Team! We have fun everywhere, even before entering a gate. Ricky was quite surprise to see the beautiful outcome of this picture, he was like "Wow! Everyone is in the picture, nice!".

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday To Our Fun Team Leader Ricky Kim

This is a special post of wishing our awesome team leader Ricky Kim a very Happy Birthday on this special day (19th June)! I've been repeating many times on  how much I appreciate him as our leader and friend. So now, I'm only going to show you what we did for his birthday!

1st present: Video messages from all Fun Team members

Suggested by Tiphany

2nd present: Picture wishes of all of us
Suggested by me
It wasn't as easy as it looks. We all live in different countries and have time differences. Especially Dondré, we have around 12 hours difference in time, so it's not easy to collect all the videos and pictures and finish up the editing work in 1 day time.

2 more hours to go before Ricky's birthday, Tiphany (in charged of videos) and I (in charge of photos) were so worried about Dondré as everyone already submitted theirs but it's still midnight in Dondré's country. But he purposely woke up very early to catch up the time, finally we've done everything on time. We even countdown Ricky's birthday in our chatbox and sent the picture to him on 12am Korea time. That was a success, he likes them and even shared it out to his fans. Hehehe! ♥

Last but not least, we changed our profile pictures and cover photos on Facebook. *Lol we have good teamworks*

We only separated from Fun Tour for around 5 days, but we're trying to ask KTO to arrange reunion for us. Touch Korea Tour hasn't even end yet, even Gourmet Tour is still going on. We were so so so hyper!

Fab 5 is FAB, indeed!

Happy Birthday Ricky 오빠! Have a wonderful birthday! We you!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day #2: Part 1 "Beginning of Fun Tour"

Enjoy my whole amazing tour by start reading from the first post below- Day #0: Before Reaching Korea.

Day #2: SeoulIcheon ➝ Pyeongchang

Waking up at 6.30am, I looked out to the window. I saw the view of busy city Seoul. Even that was my second day in Korea, I was still amazed by the truth that I'm going to stay at this place for around 1 week. Yes, that's how much I love Korea.

After bath and finished packing my luggage, I went down to the buffet restaurant that I promised Erry to have our breakfast together. Somehow I found the wrong place and end up had my breakfast alone. However, that was an awesome buffet restaurant, they serve high class and delicious foods! To be honest, I ate a lot. >.<

According to schedule, we need to meet up at 9am. I finished my breakfast around 8.40am then I supposed to bring my luggage down and meet them, that's it. But.. *pooof* accident happened. I had serious food poisoning 2 days before I came Korea. Diarrhea locked me in the bathroom for more than 15 minutes and DDENG, I was late to meet up the staffs. That was the first day of meeting them and I was late. Everybody was waiting for me, I felt so bad about that. Diarrhea, I HATE YOU.

We're meant to be friends
I met Tim and Dondré on the bus for the first time. My first impression of Tim was.. he's a shy guy that doesn't talk much. For Dondré, obviously his great speaking skills. We supposed to be shy and quiet since that was our first time seeing each other. But Dondré tried to talk to us, about everything. I felt comfortable to chat and laugh with them in our first meeting. I think we're meant to be friends, this is our destiny! LOL!

Non-Asians doing typical Asians' pose, we're so cool.
The Orientation was held at Korea Tourism Organisation office in Seoul. We had the warmest welcome by KTO. Staffs and media crews were in 2 lines standing in front of the door clapping for us, I felt so honoured.